Woodford Reserve introduces new whiskey

Woodford Reserve has just announced a new whiskey coming to the market. What is it called? What are the flavor notes?

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey is the newest permanent expression from the popular distillery. It is available in the US and global markets and is based on historical recipes. The spirit is influenced by the iconic core Woodford Reserve Bourbon brand with wheat as the dominant grain at 52%.

Whiskey: bottle of a dark liquid on a marble bar“After Prohibition, the federal government permitted four styles of American straight whiskey, each with a different majority grain – bourbon, rye, wheat, and malt,” said Chris Morris, Master Distiller. “Woodford Reserve now has all four whiskeys as part of its permanent family of brands – Woodford Bourbon, Woodford Rye, Woodford Malt, and now Woodford Wheat.”

The bourbon company has looked to history for inspiration, but the ultimate product created is a modern bourbon focused on flavor. Each of the four whiskeys, including Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, brings a different flavor profile to the palate.

“This proprietary expression of Woodford Reserve Wheat is designed to deliver a unique ‘fruit-forward’ flavor profile,” Morris says. “It is, like the other members of the Woodford Reserve brands, complex and approachable – and it will make great cocktails.”

Tasting Notes:

  • Aroma: Aromatic spiced (cinnamon and cedar) and cooked fruit (apple, pear, banana) mingle with a delicate floral character sweetened with light vanilla bean and brown sugar notes.
  • Taste: Spicy applesauce and toasted coconut notes enliven an earthy mint and cocoa nib mix.
  • Finish: Dry, subtle cocoa nibs and lingering apple peel.



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