The Spirits at Forecastle Music Fest 2019

By Claire Ramsay

The popular music festival held in Louisville, KY, was this past weekend and music was not the only thing flowing. Forecastle is a 3-day event that brings all kinds of music together and allows fans to experience new and favorite artists. Its also a time for people to sip on some local favorites.

Forecastle: a girl in a hat drinking a pink dirnk

Photo by Megan McCardwell/Proof

When in Kentucky, you know there will be bourbon on every corner. Whether it be in the cooled down room of the Bourbon Lodge or at the many bars all over the grounds. Four Roses, Bulleit, Wilderness Trail, Old Forester, and others were there to give consumers what they wanted.

With its seventh year in partnering with the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, the Bourbon Lodge gave patrons an escape from the heat and a place to sit while sipping a drink. For those who purchased a membership to enter the lodge, they were given a commemorative steel mug that allowed them re-entry throughout the weekend. New to this year, the lodge offered tastings with industry experts, brand ambassadors, Master Distillers, and others.

Forecastle: two girls with their hands up holding a trulyThere were other areas for festival goers to get their drink of choice and not just bourbon. Guests had the option of drinking a hard seltzer like Truly or White Claw, Sierra Nevada or PBR, there were cocktail stations that could whip up a refreshing Margarita, or for those not of age could enjoy a nice cold Pepsi product. The Gonzo Bar, presented by White Clay, was set up just outside of the Party Cove that gave an excentric feel.

Forecastle was founded in 2002 by Louisville native JK McKnight. Over the years it has grown from a small, community event to one of the nation’s most anticipated summer festivals. Tens of thousands of music lovers and fans travel to Louisville’s 85-acre Waterfront Park each year.

Forecastle: an excentric looking bar



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