O.Z. Tyler Distillery opening new taste room in Kentucky

O.Z. Tyler Distillery is partnering with another spirits company to create a new kind of experience at their distillery in Owensboro, KY. When will it open? Which spirits company?

sign that says O.Z. Tyler

Photo courtesy of O.Z. Tyler Distillery social media

Duke Spirits and O.Z. Tyler are coming together to create a new kind of experience in their taste room coming April 2020. It will be the Duke Tasting Room and John Wayne Experience.

“It is fitting to honor a great American legend and his love of bourbon at a truly historical landmark, O.Z. Tyler, which was founded in the 1880s and holds the 10th distillery license in the state of Kentucky,” said Chris Radomski, Duke Spirits Founder and Master Distiller.

Duke Spirits has been creating Kentucky bourbon and rye based on John Wayne’s 1962 recipe for many years. They produce its Kentucky Straight Bourbon and the 97-98 pts Grand Cru Reserve offerings, which is a blend of classic distilling and flavors of fine French Oak barrels.



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