Historic Sig Luscher Brewery opening in Frankfort

The brewing industry in Kentucky grows with another destination set to open in Frankfort.

Tim Luscher and co-owner Nathan Cryder are restoring a brewery that is 150 years old. In 1866, Sigmund Luscher, a relative of Tim Luscher, came to Frankfort to start a brewery. Sigmund also sold yeast to bourbon distiller E.H. Taylor.

Sig Luscher Brewery will focus solely on lagers, their premier brew being a pilsner called Sig Luscher or “Sig.” This new brewery will be unlike many others, focusing on the roots of what beer is and the heritage of Sigmund’s 1866 brewery. There will be some variations but Luscher and Cryder don’t consider this a craft beer brewery.

The taproom will hold just 10 people, while a screened-in porch and brew house will each hold another 25. In the spring and summer, the capacity will double or triple with a beer-garden concept surrounding the property. Hot dogs and pretzels will be served and the owners plan to host food trucks as well.

Sig Luscher Brewery plans to open its taproom before the new year.

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