Happy One Year Anniversary to James E. Pepper Distillery

anniversary: side of the distillery that says "james e. pepper"December 21, 2018 will mark the one year anniversary for the historic James E. Pepper distillery in Lexington, KY. After being dormant for nearly 60 years, the distillery was brought back to life with a decade-long of labor and hard work.

“This is a really exciting milestone,” said Amir Peay, owner and proprietor of the distillery. “To finally have all the pieces come together and see such a warm response from consumers, the community and visitors is very gratifying.”

The James E. Pepper Distillery on Manchester Street has been around since the American Revolution up until 1958 and now is the main focus for the Pepper Distillery District. The distillery opened it’s doors for tours last July after moving all production in-house. After tours opened up, people have come in waves to visit this historic site and once large Whiskey manufacturer.

“It has been an eventful year,” said Marjorie Amon, visitor center anniversary: bourbon making machinemanager. “We have been working really hard on our tour experience and to receive such positive guest feedback really validates our efforts. We have a great team here and more good stuff is on the horizon.”

The James E. Pepper Distillery is most known for their 1776 brand of whiskey. Their line of Rye Whiskey recently took gold medals in the New York World Wine and Spirits Competition. Old Pepper Finest Kentucky Oak being named “Best Rye in the World.”







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