Alcohol Delivery Services In Lexington Is Closing

On January 11 Hops2Go has posted on their Facebook page that they will be closing their doors.

logo of alcohol delivery service that is closing, hops2go“To all of our loyal customers and friends, due to some unfortunate circumstances we will be closing our doors. We appreciate all of the wonderful experiences we have shared together! Check out our website or call 859 888 BEER for closeout prices!!! Call us for one final delivery or stop in and say goodbye.”

They have not posted why exactly they are closing their doors or when.closing: 6 bottles of bourbon on a barrel

Hops2Go was Lexington’s first beer, liquor, and wine delivery service. Once an order is placed, they take care of the service of getting that to you. No risk of drinking and driving.


To advertise in Proof, call 859.268.0945

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