Whiskey Vault vs. Whiskey Tribe

Have you heard of Whiskey Vault? What about Whiskey Tribe? What exactly are they? Where can they be found? Who are they geared towards?


Whiskey: glass on a dar wooden bar with a dark backgroundTo whiskey lovers, both men and women, who love to watch others enjoy their beloved choice of liquor, then this is the YouTube channel for you.

Whiskey Vault with Rex and Daniel is dedicated to trying a new whiskey in, yes, their vault. Their videos range from 8 to 15 minutes and they discuss the flavors and aroma of their whiskey collection. Typically they focus on one bottle per episode.

Whiskey Tribe is geared towards anything and everything whiskey. They visit distilleries, bars, and any place that has this type of liquor. One episode they discuss whiskey aging vs whiskey finishing and another talks about the best barrels for aging. These videos also are between 8 and 15 minutes.

Whiskey Vault vs. Whiskey Tribe

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