New Sparkling Cocktail just in time for the summer

There is a new sparkling cocktail coming to stores. What is it called? What are some flavors? Where can these drinks be purchased?

Sparkling Cocktail: a pink can with a grapefruit and flowers surrounding it and a pink backgroundTwo Chicks Cocktails was founded by Meghan Hanna and is a female run business whose mission is to help women connect over cocktails.

Their three flavors are:

  • Citrus Margarita (Tequila & Citrus)
  • Vodka Fizz (Vodka, Pear, & Elderflower)
  • Paloma (Tequila & Grapefruit)

Their mixed drinks are made with natural essences of fruit and botanicals. They can be found in Walmart on Grey Lag Way this summer.




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