New Kosher Whiskey coming from Buffalo Trace Distillery

Under the guidance of the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc), Buffalo Trace Distillery has just released the first authentic Kosher Whiskey. There are three different styles for the Kosher Whiskey: Kosher Rye Recipe Bourbon, Kosher Wheat Recipe Bourbon, and Kosher Straight Rye Recipe Bourbon.

Buffalo Trace

Photo by Robert Jacob Lerma

In 2012, the cRc oversaw the sale of new American Oak Kosher barrels to Buffalo Trace Distillery President Mark Brown. These barrels were filled with whiskey and put away in specialty marked “Kosher Whiskey” barrels to age.

It wasn’t until earlier this year when the aging process was completed and ready for bottling. The distillery made sure to flush out all bottling lines to make sure non-Kosher spirits didn’t make it into the bottles.

The new line is limited, but will become an annual release each year after Passover.



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