When will Maker’s Mark release their final UK/Keeneland themed bottle

Maker’s Mark is releasing their final bottle in the limited-edition UK/Keeneland series. Will there be a signing? If so, where? When will the bottles be available for purchase?

Maker's Mark: two women dipping white bottles in blue waxThe 5th and final bottle honors Coach Calipari with the 2012 Championship team. This series started in 2016 with an image honoring the 1978 NCAA Championship team. Coach Cal and a few players from the 2012 Championship Team will be on hand at Keeneland on Friday, April 12 at 7 am to sign bottles.

The final bottle for the Maker’s Mark limited-edition UK/Keeneland themed bottles is being released for purchase on Friday, April 5. In the past, people have camped out at a liquor store to have the opportunity to purchase one of these bottles.

Proceeds for all the bottles in the series go to a UK academic tutoring center for student athletes (CATS – Center for Academic Tutorial Services).

Maker's Mark: a white bottle with blue wax and a picture in the center




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