Kentucky distillery launches annual tree program

A Kentucky distillery has been doing an annual tree program since 2014. What is the program? Who puts this on? How can people participate?

kentucky: bourbon bottle and glass on a barrelBack in 2014, Angel’s Envy started a program called Toast the Trees. This started out as a small grassroots campaign that is completely driven by bourbon fans.

Each year, the amount of trees planted has grown and the 2019 goal is to plant 30,000 trees. This group particularly wants to plant oak trees due to the fact that they use oak to create the barrels that house the bourbon.

In honor of National Bourbon Heritage Month, Angel’s Envy asks patrons to help them out. Throughout the month of September every Angel’s Envy drink or bottle that is pictured with the #ToastTheTrees on social media, they will plant a white oak tree.

Let the Angel’s Envy flow throughout September while helping the planet with one social media post at a time.

kentucky: Starburst on Lights in Bourbon Aging Warehouse Corridor



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