Drinks to warm you up on a cold and snowy day

In Kentucky, snow can come at any point in time. October, February, even April. Even though a cup of Joe sounds great to warm you up, there are a few options out there that contain your favorite spirit.

warmNaturally, the first to come to anyone’s mind might be a Hot Toddy. This drink consists of rum, whiskey, or brandy (dealers choice) and mix with your favorite hot tea. Some use honey or other forms of sweetener to give it that great taste.

If tea isn’t your jam, try the classic Irish Coffee. You can take whichever type of coffee you drink and add Irish Whiskey along with cream and sugar. You have a perfect drink to keep your hands and body warm.

For a festive drink that can be used for the Christmas holiday, try the Tom and Jerry. Take some warm eggnog and blend it with both brandy and rum. Add as much as your hearts desire for this yummy drink.

warmFor those who don’t drink tea or coffee, of course there’s an option for hot chocolate. Try the Kahlua Hot Chocolate. The ingredients are right in the title: hot chocolate and however much Kahlua you’d like.

It may be absolutely cold outside, but you don’t have to be. Try one or all of these delicious drinks to keep you warm the rest of this very cold winter.




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