Which Distillery in Kentucky is Known for its Unique Style

Each distillery throughout Kentucky has its own flare and style. Most keep its historical charm, while others like to be more modern. Which one has a unique style? Why did they decide to go with this style? Where is it located?

unique style: black and orange building that says copper & kings

Photo courtesy of Copper & Kings Distillery social media

Founder Joe Heron of Copper & Kings wanted to build a brandy distillery and chose to open it in Louisville, KY. Bourbon land. Due to his daring choice of location, he knew he couldn’t have an ordinary looking distillery. It had to be different.

He decided to go with a modern/industrial style. “For us, having a very modern design was very deliberate to remove ourselves from the traditional bourbon archetype,” says Heron. “We see our American brandy as enjoying much more scope to be adventurous, innovative, and inventive.”

unique style: orange and black shipping containers with yellow flowers

Photo courtesy of Copper & Kings Distillery social media

He asked Ted Payne, of Payne Architecture, to help him with the design. They took a 1940’s brick building that was once home to Kentucky Seed Co. and a 1970’s warehouse and built the brandy distillery. They kept the brick building to preserve a link to the property’s past and also to satisfy the local historic district planners.

Where the warehouse once stood, Payne Architecture designed a public courtyard that can host gatherings, parties, events, and concerts. “We needed a space where we could host our own events to illustrate the brand, from surf rock bands to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. We wanted to create a community asset, where people could come in and where our brand was a hero,” explains Heron.

unique style: black and orange shipping containers with glass doors

Photo courtesy of Copper & Kings Distillery social media

They also wanted to use bright colors to go with their unique style and to stand out from other distilleries. Their shipping containers are painted a bright orange on the outside to reflect the main color of Copper & Kings. It represents the patina of a copper pot still and evokes a welcoming feel and clear identity.



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