Blood Oath Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Trilogy

Just in time for the holidays, the Blood Oath limited release series trilogy pack – including Pact No. 1, 2 and 3 – is available in ultra-limited quantities. Only 900 packs of this trilogy have been released nationwide. Twenty five of these packs will be available at Lux Row Distillers for purchase starting on November bottle of blood oath with a glass of bourbon and blood oath sign in the background

The Three Pacts included in the trilogy pack are all carefully selected, well-bred bourbons, bottled by hand at 98.6 proof. Pact No. 1 combines a spicy seven-year bourbon with a rye mash bill, barrel aged for a subtle woodiness, along with a six-year smooth, wheated bourbon and a 12-year full-bodied, more experienced, oaky bourbon with a rye-based mash.

Pact No. 2 offers a seven-year rye bourbon finished in port barrels for a velvety sweet finish, artfully joined by an 11-year wheated bourbon and an 11-year rye bourbon.

Pact No. 3 brings a masterful union of three rye bourbons – a 12-year rye bourbon joined by a seven-year rye bourbon and, to add an unforgettable layer of complexity, another seven-year rye finished in cabernet sauvignon barrels.

three bottles of blood oath in a row“Hand-selecting just the right bourbons that meld together and balance each other out, being able to finish some of them in port and cabernet sauvignon barrels, and tasting that final product has been rewarding,” says John Rempe, head distiller and creator of Blood Oath. “This series has tapped into my creativity and I look forward to creating new Pacts – work has already begun on Pact No. 5 for next spring.”


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