“Beers of Joy”

California’s home brew chef stars in a new film called “Beers of Joy”. What is this film about? Who is the chef star?

Beers: two men in a kitchen working with ingredientsThere is a new film available across the country on on-demand that expresses the story of a self-styled home brew chef. Writers/Directors David Swift and Scott Owen follow Sean Z. Paxton through his journey of both famous and lesser known touchstones of American history. He examines through his culinary and brewing lens the key ingredients that have influenced the present day craft beer scene.

“I’ve had the good fortune to travel the whole world, researching the culture behind culinary recipes and brewing traditions that I find most fascinating,” said Paxton. “I’ve come to realize, I didn’t know a lot about our own culinary history here in America and how brewing played its role within it. I needed to get back to where we started.”

Paxton travels through the states of Missouri, Indiana, Virginia, and ends in Massachusetts. That is where he attempts to create a historic feast paired with a novel beer collaboration with unexpected results.

Beers: a man in modern clothing working with ingredients with two women in historic clothing“In our research about the historical significance of brewing, we learned quickly that a culinary expert would make for a fascinating prism through which to see the intersection of beer and food in traditions we romanticize today, but actually know little about,” says co-Writer & co-Director Scott Owen. “Just as Sean pairs food recipes with beer styles, we set about following him as he paired historical facts and insight into a unique American origin story of brewing.”

Paxton was inspired to do this adventure due to craft beer making and brewing techniques. He became an accomplished home brewer and becoming a fixture in craft beer as a collaborator, commentator, and innovator.

He built his resume as a Chef in restaurants and events, ultimately fusing his culinary love with brewing as an Executive Chef for multiple national brewing conferences.




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