Woodford Reserve releases new limited-edition batch

Each year, Woodford Reserve releases a limited-edition, high-proof expression called the Woodford Reserve Batch Proof. What are the flavor notes for this bottle? What is its proof?

batchPart of the annual Master’s Collection series, this bottle celebrates the vision and taste of Master Distiller, Chris Morris. Batch Proof is crafted by blending barrels into a batch and bottling process at its actual proof.

It is crafted using the same grain bill and process as Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon. The only difference is the limited-edition series has a higher proof than the standard 90.4.

“Most people do not get to experience Woodford Reserve at such a high proof presentation, so we are honored to share this special bourbon with the public,” said Master Distiller Chris Morris. “The intensity and depth of flavor found in Woodford Reserve Batch proof is truly remarkable.”

Tasting Notes:

  • batchColor: Rich chestnut
  • Aroma: Dried cranberry and raisin fruit spiced with sandalwood, clove, aged leather and a hint of spearmint. A dusting of cocoa and dark chocolate adds to its deep character
  • Flavor: Rich raisin and brown sugar sweetness balanced with a spicy leather character atop a rich layer of oak, almond and cedar wood notes
  • Finish: A long finish of raisin fruit and malty sweetness

The 2020 edition is bottled at 123.6 proof. Sold in select US and global markets.



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