Updates on HB 415, Kentucky’s new alcohol shipping law

Kentucky’s new alcohol shipping law takes effect on Wednesday, July 15, 2020.

The Kentucky General Assembly passed House Bill 415 on March 26 and it became law on April 8. HB 415 streamlines direct-to-consumer (DTC) shipping by alcohol producers, significantly improving and largely supplanting Kentucky’s original DTC shipping laws created by HB 400 in 2018 that required an
“in-person” transaction at a distillery. That requirement is no longer necessary.

Even though HB 415 takes effect in July, it will most likely be months before anything is shipped out or into Kentucky.

The reason is that state agencies like the Department of Alcoholic
Beverage Control and the Department of Revenue are still in the process of promulgating regulations  to create the necessary licenses and forms to implement this model law.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail private barrel selection: rack of bourbon barrels

The process takes time so comments on the proposed regulations are being provided to help ensure that the process is efficient, easy for consumers and producers, responsible and that all applicable taxes are properly paid.

A summary on HB 415 that answers many questions and
clears up some misleading information being perpetrated by opponents can be found here.

The hope is to begin shipping to reciprocal states by early October.

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