Tarr Manchester Reserve, the first product of the revived, historic distillery

Wm. Tarr Distillery today announced the availability of Old Wm. Tarr Manchester Reserve, the first product of the revived, historic distillery. The Kentucky straight blended whiskey may be purchased online at wmtarrdistillery.com for curbside pickup or at hundreds of retail establishments across Kentucky.

Jill Bakehorn, owner of an event venue and a catering company on Lexington’s Manchester Street, discovered the remarkable history of William Tarr and decided to bring back the brand and legacy with co-founder Barry Brinegar, a Lexington marketing executive and bourbon aficionado.

“Our first release is an exceptional product, a 7-year Kentucky bourbon blended with an 8-year rye,” said Bakehorn, Wm. Tarr Distillery CEO. “I like drinking a dimensional bourbon. The rye comes in to elevate your tasting experience and the element of cherries adds a sweet finish. It’s perfect neat or straight, and I especially enjoy it over ice with a twist of orange as a simple cocktail.”

Brinegar, also a history buff, is equally enthusiastic.

“The opportunity to develop bourbon products that will stand the test of time is a dream for someone like me,” said Brinegar, who serves as Wm. Tarr president. “As our first release, Manchester Reserve is worthy of the name and the brand. It really is the essence of why Kentucky is a leader in the global production of bourbon.”

Manchester Reserve was developed for the experienced palate and will be appreciated by any level consumer.
Nose:  Light caramel, toasted macadamia nuts, dried dill, toasted rye bread, lightly smoked nuts, apple butter, soft notes of new leather
Palate: Silky, coating, dried apples
Finish:  Sweet herbal, dried citrus, lingering soft vanilla, white chocolate, toasted coconut, dried mint, mint tea

The carefully selected bottle is a nod to 19th Century Old Tarr packaging but with a sleeker appeal and cork stopper. The slate gray label boasts an illustration of Tarr as he is imagined to have looked in his prime. An oak tree on the neck band is a reminder of the white oak container in which it was aged. RD1 stamped into the cap top claims the position of Wm. Tarr as the first federally registered distillery in Kentucky

Curbside pickup for online orders will occur at Wm. Tarr Distillery in the historic Pepper Rickhouse located in Lexington’s Distillery District at 1170 Manchester Street, Suite 190. The facility soon will be home to the Wm. Tarr tour experience. In the meantime, it will host private tastings and related events.

Whiskey fans are encouraged to check Wm. Tarr Distillery’s social media pages frequently for virtual tasting events and other opportunities to learn more and engage with others. In addition, direct-to-consumer ordering is coming soon.

Old Wm. Tarr Inheritance, a 12-year limited release bourbon, is available for pre-sale. This well-matured, ultra-premium bourbon will be available in November. It will be presented in a custom-designed box with an additional label autographed by Mark Stoops.

Wm. Tarr Distillery is a member of Drink Smart® and encourages all consumers to drink responsibly.

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