Lexington Brewery installing solar panels

A brewery/cidery located in Lexington is installing solar panels to their building to make it more sustainable. Which brewery? Where are they located?

BreweryPivot Brewing on Delaware Dr. has taken on a big project. Installing solar panels to make them more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

“Pivot’s mission, from its inception, has been to perform our operations in a sustainable manner and to promote environmental causes,” Owner Kevin Compton said. “Breweries can be heavy electrical users, so including solar energy was a great option for cutting our carbon footprint. I did the design of the building and roof layout with solar in mind, and we finally reached a point this year when the installation was doable.”

The solar panels are going to supply an estimated 94% of Pivot Brewing’s electrical needs and in the end save them quite a bit of money per year. They plan to remove CO2 emissions that is the equivalent of driving 118,000 miles.

brewery“Pivot is committed to having a positive impact on our community and the environment,” Compton said. “We value that commitment, and we believe our customers do as well.”

The Lexington brewery is keeping business local by using Solar Energy Solutions. They are headquartered in Lexington and are the largest solar company in the region.

“More and more, small businesses have a dual mission of improving the environment and helping their bottom line by taking charge of how their power is delivered,” said Matt Partymiller, co-owner of Solar Energy Solutions. “This project is the perfect example of how they can achieve both.”



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