Goodwood Brewing and Bardstown Bourbon Company have teamed up

Goodwood Brewing teamed up with Bardstown Bourbon Company for a limited, regional release of an 11-year old bourbon.

goodwood brewing: bourbon bottle and glass on a barThey used a Goodwood Brewing Brandy Barrel Honey Ale cask to finish the aging process for the bourbon. The popular Kentucky liquid sat in this barrel for 18 months resulting in a rich bourbon flavor accentuated with honey, caramel, fig, malt, and dried fruit.

“Goodwood’s award-winning portfolio of cask finished beers have a loyal following,” says Goodwood CEO, Ted Mitzlaff. “We enjoy collaborations with other Kentucky breweries and distilleries and were honored when Bardstown Bourbon Company proposed this collaboration given their tremendous reputation in the industry. This bourbon is fantastic!!”

The relationship between the two companies will resume in early 2020 when their bourbon finished in Walnut Brown Ale cask is released.

Product is for sale in select markets.



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