Brewer Dude to begin beer production in Lexington

Brewer Dude plans to begin beer production in their Lexington based facility. Known best as a homebrew supply store, Brewer Dude sells the equipment, the ingredients and anything else needed to make a beer or wine at home.

Brewer Dude was already producing beer through their Research and Development program when developing new beer kits for customers to use at home.

“We decided to reduce waste in a sense and actually sell the beer we were making. We also had many customers coming in who are trying to make good beer but didn’t have a good example to follow,” says Founder Nathan Hoskins. “Now they can come in, try beer and then go home and make it. Our impact on Lexington’s food and drink scene will hopefully be of a resource to beer lovers and DIY’ers,”

Brewer Dude ships all over the world. 80% of their sales are from out of state customers. Online sales help the company maintain a local store front. Hoskins adds, “I think you’ll continue to see homebrew stores close if they’re not catering to an online sales platform. There are a few in the U.S. that are like us, and also operate a microbrewery.”

Brewer Dude hopes to have beer available to sell by mid-January on Seventh Street in Lexington.


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